The history of our testimony begins in May 2019. It was in May that my wife Madzia experienced a sudden decrease in strength. This was manifested by an imbalance and the onset of paralysis. As soon as my wife told me something was worrying about her body, we both prayed for healing. Our friend Bogusia joined our common prayer. Looking at the whole situation through the prism of God's Word (Isaiah 53: 4-5, Matthew 8: 16-17, 1 Peter 2:24), we undoubtedly knew that it is God's will that man walk in health. Several days passed and the symptoms worsened even more. I remember the day when at work I received a phone call from my wife saying that she had called an ambulance. The wife was taken to hospital in the emergency room, where the first examination was a head tomograph. After a short time of waiting for the test results, a young doctor approached my wife and informed her that there were bumps in her head. The wife was admitted to the neurological department. The doctor from the ward called my wife and confirmed, on the basis of a CT scan, a brain tumor. She also added that he is deeply embedded. After work I went to my wife. I remember we were in the room, and then my wife gave me information about the diagnosis, which immediately made me cry. However, at one point in my heart I opposed it, and as I did from the beginning, when the first symptoms appeared, I continued the prayer of faith with the confession of the Word of God. From that moment, the words of Psalm 118: 17 came out of my mouth, "My wife will not die, she will live and will tell the works of the Lord" and 1 Peter 2:24 "He bore our sins on his body so that we would die sins , they lived for justice: through his wounds you were healed. "I also told my wife that I would believe for the both of us. Our close friends joined our prayers. Some of them belonged to the service of JGLM Polska (John G. Lake Ministries), with which we have already been bound to (The JGLM Service is the oldest service that trains Christians to serve in God's healing and deliverance. Curry Blake is the successor to John G. Lake and continues to spread the message all over the world that is in harmony with God's Word.) a huge impact on our lives.


            My wife in the hospital was visited by Christians, not only those associated with JGLM, but also those who had the desire to pray for healing. No matter what happened, we prayed without ceasing. In the following days my wife carried out further CT scans which confirmed the first diagnosis. Then she was directed to a neurosurgical consultation, which completely disqualified her for surgery. Approximately after 4-5 days in hospital, I remember that I came to my wife in the morning and her condition was without major visible changes, and in the evening when I arrived my wife lost her speech and was paralyzed. Although the situation looked very bad, I did not let what I see affected my faith. I decided to believe God more than what my eyes see (2 Corinthians 5: 7, "Because we make pilgrimages in faith, not watching them.") In the following days my wife lay on the SOR, where severe headaches appeared. Due to this situation, I suspended my work to devote as much time as possible to my wife. I remember that on the last day of my wife's stay in hospital I talked to the attending physician who gave no hope, on the contrary what came out of her mouth was death. of our conversation, I emphasized very strongly that my wife would not die, that she would live and tell the works of the Lord. I emphasized faith in God and that He would pull us out of this situation because He is good. It was the day my wife went through the last examination before taking home, after which she was absolutely disqualified for any treatment. So I demanded the immediate release of my wife. After returning home, my wife was already unconscious. The consciousness was coming back time after time, but her consciousness was disturbed. Unfortunately, there were further problems in the form of restrictions on the intake of food and liquids. And despite the fact that the whole situation was constantly changing for the worse, me and our friends did not let go for a moment in prayer. The problem that arose with the provision of food and fluids has become even more acute. I remember that I didn't really want my wife to come back to the hospital, but I knew she had to start taking food and liquids. I decided to go to the hospital for the second time. After calling an ambulance, a paramedic and doctor arrived. My wife was completely unconscious at the time. The doctor who conducted the interview, on the basis of discharge from the hospital and after a short analysis of documents, raised her head and looked at me with pity and tears in her eyes said: "But your wife will not come out of it." It was a clear message for me, as if someone had told me in the face: She will die 100%. Of course I cut her off very quickly by saying the words of faith from my heart. Looking straight into her eyes I shouted: My wife will not die, she will live and will tell the Lord's works I believe that such situations confront our profession of faith, what we really believe, and I believe that our profession of faith must be consistent with what we pray for and how.


             In the emergency room at the hospital, I was invited to the medical room by the doctor who was leading my wife during my first stay. My wife underwent another CT scan, which I was shown and a second earlier photo. From the current study it was evident that the tumor significantly increased in volume. During this stay, my wife was connected to a probe, through which she took food. This second stay of my wife in the hospital was much harder, especially for me, because I began to be bombarded with diagnoses after which I was suggested to accept my wife's death. Certainly one of the main people who gave absolutely no hope, on the contrary, was the head of the department. I remember the day when I had an individual conversation with the head physician. During this conversation, the head physician tried to convince me he was right. And his reason was that the wife would definitely die. Our conversation lasted about 20-30 minutes. Of course, no matter what he said, I told him about the Living God, that he is good, heals and that my wife will not die, she will live and tell the Lord's works. I told him about testimonies in which people were healed, but he denied everything as if God did not exist. I remember it was Friday, I mentioned to him that I wanted to take my wife back home, but he said, "It is not known if your wife will survive until Monday." I just knew I had to take my wife home immediately For me there was no such thing as death at the time. I simply trusted God with all my heart and stopped relying on my own understanding and knew that no matter what was happening, God is above all and in His hands is solving our every problem. From the first stay in hospital together with the second, I spent the maximum amount of time with my wife throughout the day, praying constantly. I also often called by phone with our beloved friends to pray together. I remember it was an evening and I was sitting with my wife in intensive care. While reading the Word of God at one point a doctor came on room who was on duty. Her words were words of death, she told me with a sign I ask: "But you know that your wife may die at any moment?" Immediately from my heart I said aloud to your doctor: "NO !!! My wife will not die, but she will live and tell the works of the Lord. "


After a short moment, we went out into the corridor to talk alone, and the doctor tried to convince me of what she just said in the room. But I cut it off firmly: NO! and the Word of God without changing his position. The doctor said: "I wish you that it would happen". During this second stay in the hospital I also had a conversation with the attending physician Madzia, during which the doctor gave me information about the current state of health of my wife. There I also learned that apart from the tumor in the brain, there was a spread in the body of cancer cells. These were not light conversations and I believe with all my heart that the Lord gave me the grace that I could go through these difficult moments. For me, the only diagnosis I agreed with from the very beginning and I spoke on voice: "In the wounds and bruises of Jesus Christ, Magda was healed (Isaiah 53: 4-5). I did not know how long it would all last, but I was 100% sure that God was always faithful. What He promised He would fulfill. there was n other option for me. I had a lot of confrontation with doctors and ordinary people. There was fear, uncertainty, unbelief, and thus death. But for me only the truth of the Word of God was important. Last weekend of my wife in the hospital was over. It was about a 9-10th day of stay. I arrived at the hospital early in the morning with great determination and faith that on this day I would take my wife home despite the disagreement of doctors. I remember that day I was following the head physician to settle the matter taking my wife home. I had a big problem because the headmaster avoided me. Finally, after a long time I was able to talk to him. I invited him to come with me to the intensive care room where my wife was lying. I believe that God gave my wife the grace to let her not only talk but also sign documents. It really was amazing. When we were in the room with the head physician, I closed the door and asked my wife: What do you want Madzia? And my wife, looking at the head physician, said: I want to go home immediately! The headmaster was in great shock. He didn't expect my wife to regain enough awareness to talk. I remember that he was in such confusion and said: "okay, then you must sign the documents in the presence of a witness that you demand immediate discharge from the hospital." Thinking briefly, I went to the nurses' room, where I asked the first encountered nurse for help. The nurse agreed and we went to my wife. I remember we seated my wife and she started writing exactly what the head physician demanded. The nurse saw that the wife was aware and when we were at the head of the office with these documents, she confirmed my wife's awareness. The last formality that I had to do was prescriptions for "drugs". I went to the doctor who ran my wife. When she explained to me how to use all "drugs", she strongly emphasized that I must give a steroid, because if I will not do that, my wife will die. Of course I disagreed with it because my wife's life was not addicted to any medicine but only to the truth of God's Word. I told this doctor that one day I would come back with my wife and she will hear our testimony. She said she would do it and hear us. On the same day my wife returned home. She was in a very bad condition. Her left side was paralyzed, she did not speak, she had a probe through which she took food and liquids, she had connected catheter. It was a time of great trial. And this is not only about faith, but also about sacrifice, placing my life for another person. I was based on the fact that the Lord Jesus laid his life for me out of love, and so and I decided to lay down my life for my wife (Ew. St. John 15:13 "Nobody has greater love than that when someone gives their lives for their friends", 1 John 3:16 "By this we learned the love of God that He gave his life for us. We also we should give our lives for our brothers. "). With absolutely no knowledge and experience about caring for a person in a very bad condition, I began to learn care and nursing. After a very short time, I arranged for additional help from the hospice. My wife was assisted by a doctor and a nurse. The nurse who was assigned to us permanently gave me and showed many valuable solutions in caring for a lying person. Once again, I must stress that, without a doubt, absolutely God gave me and my wife strength to go through all this. Our home was a house of prayer, a confession of faith and a struggle for life. I made sure that there were no curses in our home, i.e. words such as illness, death and words of unbelief. From the very beginning I chose life and based my faith on the Word of God, and it says that the power of language is death and life, blessing and curse.


In all this in the first period, it can be said in this most severe condition of my wife, I limited the number of visitors. Why? For a simple reason. As I wrote above about the blessing and the curse, I did not want to collide with the unbelief of people who did not believe in God. After a short stay of the wife at home, strange things began to happen to her. There was aggression in her, she often woke up at night, screamed, she had mood swings, suicidal thoughts, stories detached from reality. One night I dreamed that I should stop taking all medicines and it would be okay. At that time, I didn't take it seriously, I just ignored this dream. After a week or so of this dream, my wife's symptoms started to get worse. After another sleepless night, something touched me to look into the medicine (steroid) leaflet. After reading the side effects I was shocked. It turned out that everything that was described in the side effects of this steroid coincided with what was manifesting in my wife. It was not only about behavior, but also about somatic symptoms in the body. After consulting a doctor, we started discontinuing the steroid. When the body began to clear itself of the toxic steroid, the wife's behavior and the rest of the side effects in the body began to subside. What we began to pray from the beginning and sow in prayer for healing, finally began to bear good fruit. Awareness returned, even greater freedom of speech, slowly began to take food not only through the probe. The most spectacular next breakthrough was the gentle resistance of the leg during exercises that I performed daily with my wife. After a long time another huge breakthrough came, resistance and gentle movement with one finger appeared in the left hand (19/09/2019). At the same time, the left leg became even stronger, which translated into greater resistance during exercise. Soon there was also a slight movement in the toes. We decided together that we would look for a good physiotherapist. Of course, we prayed for this matter. In a very short time, God answered our prayer and it turned out that we had three great rehabilitators who complemented each other. Approximately in October 2019. we started working with them. At that time, I began to slowly verticalize my wife. It was not easy for us, because all attempts at standing up were associated with considerable pain and effort. My wife is a very brave woman despite many adversities such as: pain, restrictions on movement - she did not give up. She was very determined to leave the bed and start walking alone. Our physiotherapists were often amazed because Madzia was making so much progress in such a short time that it went beyond all time limits and knowledge described in the textbooks. The next progression was that my wife began to take food and liquids normally. This caused the probe to be removed. The next step was to remove the catheter. Another huge breakthrough was that my wife was regaining increasing fitness of the entire left side of her body. Everything was aimed at one goal: to return to full fitness. Although we were still far away, it is getting closer to total victory. We began to practice taking the first steps every day. It was a great joy for us and our loved ones. We praised God and thanked him for every breakthrough. From the moment when my wife began to take her first steps, i.e. from 06.12.2019. until mid-February 2020 the wife returned to independence.


At the present time, when we write this testimony, my wife is perfectly fit and healthy. We believe that God provided us with everything we needed. And even though I haven't worked for about three months, we didn't run out of anything. For us it is a great testimony of God's provision and confirmation of His Word that He cares for us. Our fight lasted about 10 months. During this period I had a lot of reasons to cry and also to enjoy every breakthrough that was preceded by prayer. I knew from the very beginning that my wife would not die and would return to full fitness, but I still did not know how long it would last, What I prayed for these months with our friends was my daily confession. Life, health, blessing, talking about things as if they had come from my mouth. I thanked God for answering prayers. I believe God with all my heart that His Word is truth. I believe in His promises, I believe that He is faithful in every word and that He answers prayers according to His will. I believe that His will is that man be healthy and prosper. Therefore, I had no doubts as to the complete healing of my wife Madzia. Medicine passed a death sentence, but we decided it would not be as medicine says, but it will be exactly as God says. That was what I adhered to, and God confirmed it.


            First of all, we want to give glory to God. Because He is worthy of it.


            The most sincere thanks from us to all who supported us in prayer and more.


Łukasz and Magdalena Jędrzejczyk